Universiti Kuala Lumpur (UniKL) is a full-fledged university, established in 2004 under the Malaysia Higher Private Education Institution Act. UniKL is fully owned by Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA) or Council of Trust for the People a government agency under the Ministry of Rural & Regional Development, Malaysia which is also the second largest education sponsorship body in Malaysia. The university presently has over 27,000 local and international students studying at twelve (12) campuses throughout the country that offer high-quality, fully approved and accredited educational programs at certificate, undergraduate, and postgraduate levels. Being among the Malaysian universities ranked as 5* Excellent University in Malaysia, (ranked under SETARA by The Ministry of Higher Education of Malaysia and Malaysian Qualification Agency), and in line with the vision to be one of the country’s leading technical universities, UniKL integrated educational curriculum is comprised of four major components namely technical, social, learning and entrepreneurship. Introducing the concept of ‘One Institute, One Specialization’, UniKL contributes not only to tertiary education but also researches and development for commercialization purposes, which covers Engineering and Technology, Business and Management, Medicine and Medical Sciences courses. .

UniKL official website : www.unikl.edu.my

UniKL Institute of Marine Engineering Technology (UniKL MIMET):http://www.mimet.edu.my


Uni KL Institute of Information Technology (UniKL MIIT): http://www.miit.unikl.edu.my/


University of Bremen






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 11 сентября 2018 года в Новосибирском государственном техническом университете состоялся  мониторинг проектов InMotion. Он был проведен Национальным офисом Erasmus+ в России.

8-10.10.18 - В Новосибирском государственном техническом университете на факультете автоматики и вычислительной техники состоялась проектная встреча руководящей группы проекта InMotion. Члены руководящей группы собрались, чтобы обсудить результаты работы первых двух лет и запланировать мероприятия на последний год

Подробнее об этих собьытиях можно прочитать в информационном бюллетене Октябрь 2018

25-27.03.18 - Встреча участников проекта в UniKL в Куала Лумпуре





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