University of Ljubljana is a public autonomous educational, scientific research and artistic institution of HE with a very rich tradition. It is the oldest and the biggest university in Slovenia. It was established in 1919 and it encompasses 26 full members (3 art academies and 23 faculties) and 3 associated members (National University Library, University of Ljubljana Central Technical Library, University of Ljubljana Innovation-Development Institute).

UL ranks among the top 500 universities according to: Times THSE-QS Ranking (500-600), Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities (400-500), Webometrics Ranking of World universities (top 200), URAP - University Ranking by Academic Performance (284).
In the 1st cycle it offers 128 universities, 32 higher professional and 7 long-cycle master study programmes. In the 2nd cycle it offers 215 university programmes and 13 joint study programmes, and 21 doctoral study programmes in the 3rd cycle.

UL is very active in national research and education programmes. In 2014 UL had over 250 research groups with over 3000 registered researchers (548 ESR), 156 national research programmes, 219 basic and 79 applied research projects, and 49 targeted research projects (CRP). UL is also very active in international R&D programmes: in the period 2007-2013 it was involved as partnering or coordinating institution in more than 750 European projects, among them 160 FP7 projects and 2 ERC grants. In 2014 UL cooperated in 562 running international projects, including 439 research and educational projects financed by EU Community programmes.

UL is represented in the consortium by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering with a very old tradition on all education levels and on many research areas, especially on Control Systems, Electronics, Telecommunication, Energetics, Mechatronics and Biomedical Engineering.

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 11 сентября 2018 года в Новосибирском государственном техническом университете состоялся  мониторинг проектов InMotion. Он был проведен Национальным офисом Erasmus+ в России.

8-10.10.18 - В Новосибирском государственном техническом университете на факультете автоматики и вычислительной техники состоялась проектная встреча руководящей группы проекта InMotion. Члены руководящей группы собрались, чтобы обсудить результаты работы первых двух лет и запланировать мероприятия на последний год

Подробнее об этих собьытиях можно прочитать в информационном бюллетене Октябрь 2018

25-27.03.18 - Встреча участников проекта в UniKL в Куала Лумпуре





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