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Newpaper Politechnik 13.02.2017

Innovative teaching and learning strategies in open modeling and simulation environment for student-centered engineering education” – InMotion

International project “InMotion” to set up new standards for computer modeling in SPbPU

Erasmus fördert Capacity Building. Bremer Uni-Schlüssel. Nr.145 -Januar 2017

Report about InMotion retraining in UL newsletter

Technoprom-2017, an international forum of technological development hold on June 20-22, 2017 at the Novosibirsk

Round table of Stakeholders and Universities «Staffing of the enterprises of oil/gas/chemical complex: issues of the development of engineering pedagogy» "SYNERGY-2017"

InMotion Showcase UTM

UTP-UMP Symposium on Energy System (SES)


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Project news

The  final project meeting of InMotion steering  group and conference  was hold in SMTU and SPbPU in St. Petersburg on 16-18.09.2019. The members of the project steering group get together to report about the results of the project anc coordinate the work on the final report.

You can read more information about these and other events in our Newsletter  Oct 2019




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